June 2022
Attending CVPR 2022 at New Orleans.
January 2022
Joined exploreCSR 22' as a mentor again!
June 2021
Presented our extended abstract at AI for Content Creation Workshop of CVPR 2021.
January 2021
Joined the new exploreCSR program as a mentor!
October 2019
Attending ICCV 2019 in Seoul, Korea. Visited KAIST Visual Computing Lab in Daejeon.
September 2018
I am now a PhD student at Brown CS. Winter is coming...
August 2018
Leaving the tropical island, I'll miss the summer there - warm and humid.
[March 2019] Building a personal website:

There are 2 badminton courts in OMAC, see unreliable schedule here. The courts are on first-come-first-serve basis. Everyone can play there but you’re welcome to join the club! Usually, there is a tryout in the begining of the semester. Our badminton club team has training, occasionally.

As civilized people, we setup the nets ourselves each time and remove them when finished.


VISA0100 Studio Foundation - Fall 2021


Steam: Year 6 in Stardew Vally; Newbie in Sid Meier’s Civilization V and I’ve lost my game card. :(